Animation of events

animation évènement borne photo

Out of ideas for your events?

Since 2005, the team of BC label likes to organize and to take care of your events. Our goal is to make you smile and create unforgettable memories for your guests.

Organization and animation of events for companies around photos kiosks

This type of service is created for a party in a company, a professional fair or even for a weekend organized by a works council. We install the decoration, the green background and the photos kiosks, then we stay with you on the premises to take care of your event.

The Photocall, the ideal animation

Install a photocall for your company events

A photocall is an ideal photo animation for the global communication of your event! Whether it is for a company day, a sporty event, or a seminar. Suggesting a photo animation during your event is a real benefit: participants can leave with their printed pictures.

This animation gathers men, women and children around a common activity: the photo. Whether you are alone or in a group this activity gives you smiles and good memories.

An added value for your events

– Suggesting a fun animation
– Create the event in the event
– Optimize your global communication
– Remain visible after the event thanks to supports that can be personalized
– Allow participants to leave with a souvenir