Animation of events

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Out of ideas for your events?

Since 2005, the team of BC label likes to organize and to take care of your events. Our goal is to make you smile and create unforgettable memories for your guests.

Organization and animation of events for companies around photos kiosks

This type of service is created for a party in a company, a professional fair or even for a weekend organized by a works council. We install the decoration, the green background and the photos kiosks, then we stay with you on the premises to take care of your event.

The Photocall, the ideal animation

Install a photocall for your company events

A photocall is an ideal photo animation for the global communication of your event! Whether it is for a company day, a sporty event, or a seminar. Suggesting a photo animation during your event is a real benefit: participants can leave with their printed pictures.

This animation gathers men, women and children around a common activity: the photo. Whether you are alone or in a group this activity gives you smiles and good memories.

An added value for your events

– Suggesting a fun animation
– Create the event in the event
– Optimize your global communication
– Remain visible after the event thanks to supports that can be personalized
– Allow participants to leave with a souvenir

Use the photo kiosk Facebooth for your event

You can use our kiosk in different ways:

Facebooth as selfie

Using the Facebooth kiosk as selfie allows you to be totally autonomous during your event.

We come install the equipment needed on the premises of the event:
-uniform or custom-made background and tripods
-lights and Led
-customizable photo kiosk with your logo in screensaver

We are doing the equipment tests on the premises and we train someone of your choice for the photo kiosk

1-Participants stand in front of the photo kiosk
2-The shooting is automatic, the picture taken immediately appears on the touch screen of the photo kiosk
3-The customer can print it in one or more copies

The size of the pictures is in general 10×15 cm or 15×20 cm, but we can also offer other sizes such as 5×15 cm, 10×10 cm, 20×30 cm or panoramic sizes.

Facebooth with photographer (green background)

We can work with your photographer, our photographer or even several photographers.

The advantage of the photographer is that he will have different angles of
view than the fixed lens of the photo kiosk. If you want a staging of participants, he will be necessary. The pictures will be sent via Wi-Fi on the kiosk or by memory cards.

Facebooth, real decorations and accessorizes

It’s possible to add decors, effects, disguises, or make up or decoration to change universes and actually play a character.

Facebooth and smartphones

Get every moment of your event!

Our photo kiosk can be connected to any smartphone of the event thanks to a special app. This option can work  while using it as selfie or photographer.

Possible options:

– presence of an animator: he will bring a special atmosphere, sometimes calm, sometimes energetic. He can also manage flows and impressions. Guaranteed ambience!
– Selfie model: we add a banner, a logo, a text, which will be placed in front of the people photographed on the printed photo.
– Green background selfie: you stand in front of a green background, then the photo kiosk adds digitally a virtual background behind the photographed people. There can be the choice between several backgrounds.
– Model and green background: there will be a model in front of the photographed person and a background behind: photo in 3D.
– Sending emails: you can decide to enter your email address to receive pictures as attached files, in addition of printing them or not.
– Personalization of each picture: each picture can be personalized (for example with the name of the photographed person). These biometric functions assure that we place virtual added elements correctly.
– Printing supports: you can print the photos on special paper; pre-cut the photo into several parts. We can also print on different paper supports such as on stickers.

Digitalise your events

The digital platform

Guests will not receive a photo as an attachment, but a link to click to retrieve their photos. This link brings them to a web page dedicated to the event, which will allow them to comment and share this photo on their social networks.

The apps on smartphones

Create an app like Snapchat for your event. We integrate “gif” elements, tailored to your event. The participant downloads your dedicated app and enters the “scenography” created by photographing himself in Selfie.
The photo is sent:

  • -on one of our photo kiosks (optional) for immediate printing
  • -By e-mail on a digital platform to participate in a competitive game or a
    joint project

Leasing a photo kiosk only for printing

This kiosk is generally rented for a period of one to several days. Its role is only to print photos, not to take them. It’s a kiosk often used by associations in “formul’assoc” or in private shootings.

You take pictures and print them directly through our kiosk.

Photographer and reportage

No need for photocall, the traveling photographer sails during your event and captures the best moments that retrace the day. Capture intense moments of your event.

Company portraits – trombinoscope

You need to communicate through the image within the company; you want to introduce a person, a service or a profession. Our photographers travel to your premises to take the pictures. You can get the portraits on DVDs, USB sticks, printed paper or books.

Photographer and special shooting

Group pictures, premium photos, special effects, Pop Art; everything is possible!

Touch screen tables “Rondez vous”

The touch screen table with a round screen, the most connected of the

We install “playful” tables, with a large number of pre-defined apps, playful and interactive; you give a avant-garde dimension to your fairs and

Discover a unique product:

– a round screen, strong and very reactive

– many users possible

– easy to use

Your guests will be able to win Goodies with the Wheel of Fortune, entertain themselves with battle games where only the best will come out alive, challenge interactively with puzzles and many other apps that we will let you discover (gallery, social media, quizzes, 3D models…).

Want a rOndez-vous for your next event? We take care of everything! From the conception of your application to the installation on the website, with training and animation, our team is at your service with a well-established savoir-faire!


Nothing like Goodies to remember you! Whether USB sticks, powerbanks, clothes, pens… We quickly realize your projects. Discover our collection by clicking on the catalog below.

We also offer tailor-made if you have a special request… Let your imagination run free!


Nothing like having a range of choices to offer your customers and to be able to rely on an exclusive and effective partner. Each entity has its own rituals and requirements: the flexibility of the BC Label team will enable them to adapt to all your requests. A dynamic and enthusiastic professional team to assist you for this event. With BC Label, no stress, Happy Face!

BC Label, it’s also customized animations

Every project is unique

We are regularly asked to answer specific requests or themes: Specific animators, Make-up artists Hairdressers, Videographers… For whom we use our network of partners.

In addition, we have other more specific kiosks (book kiosk, reportage kiosk, video kiosk, photo booth) that we can propose for your event.

“The photo is undoubtedly the element for communication of your event”

Do you have a project? Do you want to know more?
Do not hesitate to tell us what you need.

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