Leasing of photo kiosks

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Leasing for one day or leasing for everyday?

We offer 2 types of leasing:

Leasing on the short term

You can rent a photo kiosk for a few hours or a few days. This type of service is more considered as an event part. The kiosk can be used:

In an autonomous way, for rent only, delivered and taken back everywhere in France
-As a service with an assistant/animator or with a photographer.

Leasing on the long term

BC Label’s offer

The installation of a photo kiosk can be done in different ways; BC Label suggests you to do it with a leasing that can last for 5 years.

The leasing includes:

– Equipment
– Maintenance, parts, labor and traveling,
– Technical hotline 5days/7
– Customer service for any administrative or commercial question
– Software updates
– Preventive traveling for cleaning
– Updates of models like calendars and others
– Discounts on other services of the company (animation of events, goodies and dynamic display)

The advantages of photo kiosk leasing

The leasing contracts give you serenity during the entire period of engagement:

– No need of investment
– Fixed prices during the contract period
– No minimum of consumables to reach
– You choose the period you want according to the price or whatever period you want
– You can get a different model or a premium one without waiting for the contract to end.
The warranty to always have some equipment with perfect maintenance, with the last versions of soft and without any additional cost.

The goal of our leasing contracts is to satisfy as well as possible your needs and a team will be completely listening to you.

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In a few words

The installation of a photo kiosk at your place allows you to get a unique product, with professional quality for an incomparable price and with a personalized service.

Easy to use: the user can upload his photos on the kiosk with any type of digital support used by a digital camera (Compact Flash, USB, memory card, CD…) or mobile phones (Bluetooth/Cable)…

A convenient service, easily accessible, simple of use and user-friendly with his touch screen.

The kiosk is autonomous

Payment at the counter, with prepaid cards or with a change machine (depending on the model)

Works council represent 80% of our clients

You bring a new service to your employees.
If you choose to lease photos kiosks, you improve your works council’s
image and strengthen social cohesion (significant increase of the attendance of works council premises).

Photos kiosks easy to use

Pricing is free (depending on models). You decide to participate or not in the cost of photos for the employee:
-Either you lower the price of the picture for your employee by taking
charge of some of it on your budgets.
-Either you decide to price the photo at the cost price and thereby you
minimize or even totally compensate for your rental fee: thus, our services remain accessible to all budgets.

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Your employees benefit from a privileged rate that you set freely. Moreover, through your membership, they have access to many services of BC Label.

Works council’s training and animation for employees planned during each installation. We train our team members very well and you can ask them for any question about the progress of an order.

You represent a business

Looking for expanding your product range and satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele? Install a photo kiosk in your business and add value to your store. BC Label takes care of everything and offers you the best solution for your environment.

You could even consider getting a new source of income without any initial investment.

There are leasing contracts with an option to purchase which allow merchants to have the option of acquiring the equipment at the end of the lease.

Our motto is in three words: 100% satisfied clients.

The opinion of the expert

Today’s consumers reprint long-forgotten photos on dusty CDs/DVDs, to the delight of their loved ones. Indeed, since late 2015, according to many official sources, the trend is reversed and photos of households reappear. Again, different entities such as shops and works councils reuse this service, lucrative for some and convenient for others.

Finally, many photos come from mobile phones, hence the interest to develop towards printing solutions accepting this support.

BC Label includes a complete offer adapted to these new Digital markets.

Do you have a project? Do you want to know more?
Do not hesitate to tell us what you need.


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