Digital platform

Use our digital platform for your company events

The digital platform is a page on the Internet created especially for an event. This platform can create some traffic on this client page, increase the visibility of chosen information and suggest commercial relations.

Our digital platform can be personalized

This page is totally personalized according to the client’s needs. It allows in particular the creation of photo competition that generates lots of flow. The visitor can visualize and share his photos/videos on social networks by increasing very much the visibility of the brand, the shop and the place.

Your new marketing tool

This platform is a real marketing tool: the very complete back office created for the brand, optimizes the recovery of data client, in the form of clear tables and diagrams.

For example: the amount of sharing out on social networks, the number of clicks, the number of individual visitors, the average age, percentage men/women, the number of likes, recovery of avatar clients, etc.

Into practice

The user takes his picture with a tablet/iPad/photo kiosk available on the client website or on the website for the event, then he enters his email address to receive the link to get back his picture and the brand logo on the platform. By clicking on the link, the user could get back his picture, he could comment it and share it on his own social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.) by automatically connecting on his account(s).
Everything is in accordance thanks to “opt in” that is to accept by the user during the process.

The advantages of our digital platform

Users advantages

– Simple and fast way to share on social networks
– High quality photo
– Appropriation of the brand, appreciation
– Pride for being “brand model”

plateforme digitale

Clients advantages

– Customer feedback
– Getting back important information
– Increasing the visibility and promote the brand on social networks
– Return on investment
– Getting more models for men and women who represent customers
– Competitive advantage through differentiation
– Client satisfaction

The platform can be personalized to represent as well as possible your brand.

Why using our digital platform ?

The digital platform allows you to:

– To get the intention at a place by taking pictures with an iPad/tablet or a photo kiosk.
– Amplify the brand awareness by sharing on social networks.
– Create a “closer” brand with many different “models”
– Transfer all the digital information into numbers and diagrams
– Analyze return given by the platform.

The opinion of the expert

Consumers spend more and more time on social networks; brands must be present knowing that purchases on social networks will increase year after year. Today BC Label offers to transform your Instagram account as “shoppable” and every post as “bankable” in order to generate sales directly from your account.

Do you have a project? Do you want to know more?
Do not hesitate to tell us what you need.


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picto fond vert pour l'animation d'évènement


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plateforme digitale pour la location de bornes photos