Dynamic display

affichage dynamique

Use the dynamic display to communicate.

Very useful for the communication in your company, the dynamic display is a simple and efficient tool to share your information and messages instantly on your different screens.

Presentation of the dynamic display

We install in your company, at different places, connected screens. Then, you can share any information you want thanks to these screens. Placed at different strategic spots at your place, screens share information of the general direction, the marketing department, the works council and human resources to all your employees and visitors in one click! A simple and fast tool!

Concerning a works council

Make the membership easier and gather your employees

The dynamic display has lots of advantages:

– Centralize the information to reduce the amount of emails and paper.
– Share the information on the different screens from a computer to save time.
– Acquire a communication tool created from your inner needs.
– The rental price of the screen is totally included in the budget of your works council.
– For your employees, a dynamic vision of the organization chart of their works council.

affichage dynamique ecrans

A direct solution

Our goal is to offer you a direct solution, based on leasing without any investment needed.

We combine :
– High-quality material among the best suppliers of the market.
– Adapted software, evolving and personalized according to your needs.
– A simplified service and extremely efficient with an immediate update
online on the account of a client, sending of RSS flow, trailers, forecast…that allow the screen to always get the attention of employees or visitors..
– A (remote) maintenance and a fast and reactive hotline with competent staff.

exemple ecran affichage dynamique
Affichage dynamique

Simple use of software

That time when we had to adapt ourselves to complicated software is over. It’s the contrary that should be done. That time with specialized software and you only used 5% of the capacities because it was so complicated to understand is also over…

That time with boring installations that ruin your day, especially looking for cables, connection and networks in your company is over.

Our team gives you some advice and is with you until the start of your project! Thanks to our expertise in this field, we can help you everyday.


Concerning the employees, this type of display will give a dynamic vision of the works council. The screen will inform them about the role and services of the works council. They will have precise, fast and reliable information.

They could also access useful and changing information (forecast, traffic…), that’s why there is a daily check on the screens.

We will appreciate the information about the cultural program of one’s city/department and/or new movies that are out; in order to “escape for a little while…”

Concerning the works council, the examples of themes already planned, allow everyone to have simple, entertaining and professional broadcast, while saving a precious time!

Do you have a project? Do you want to know more?
Do not hesitate to tell us what you need.


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ANIMATION of events

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